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Banka Live Is A Digital ‘News-Idea Website’. Banka Live Is Associated With Banka. The Depth Of The Knowledge Of Maharishi Ashtavakra And The Uttung Mandar Peak Of The Height Of The Peak Has Been As Rich And Glorious As The Past Of The Great “Banka Land”, The Present Is So Complicated And Painful. A Special And Important Reason Behind The Tragic Present In This Region Has Also Been That It Did Not Find Words And Voice To Describe Its Pain. Despite The Strong Leadership Of This Region, Which Has Been Under The Banner Of Uprising Over The Last Several Decades, Due To Its Strong Hands, The Development And Prosperity Of This Region Did Not Appear As Feathers Because They Did Not Usually Feel Intimate Attachment From The Soil Here.
By Getting Your Cooperation And Support, Banka Live Expresses The Resolve To Deliver A Positive Note To The Condition Of The Banka And The Surrounding Area. Banka Live Is A Platform Where We Will Keep You Aware Of The Latest News And Latest Developments On The One Hand, On The Other Hand, The Background Behind The News And ‘Reality And Affordability’ Arising From The Squeezing Of The News. Will Continue To Do The Same …

Mandar Hill Temples in Lake - Banka Live

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